Impact Group has the skills, resources, core beliefs and methodologies to provide a total development solution which delivers to all integrated communities.

A community comprises many different forms of social and physical infrastructure including housing, schools, hospitals, shops, offices, factories and public open space. Impact Group has the skills, resources, core beliefs and methodologies to provide a total development solution which delivers these integrated communities.

Our team of talented and experienced professionals are dedicated to understanding and delivering our client’s development aspirations, project business models and company objectives. We manage and mitigate development risk on behalf of our clients and aim to maximise the project’s return on investment. We treat our client’s money as if it was our own. Throughout the process we aim to retain our core commitment to delivering economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development outcomes.

Impact Group’s team offer strategic development advice throughout the entire development project lifecycle. This includes due diligence, financial modelling, land acquisition, design management, development approvals and project delivery.

If you suddenly find yourself with limited internal resources, tight deadlines or the need for expert advice then Impact Group can assist you with your development challenges.



We complete in-depth investigations and provide specialist information to empower our clients to make informed development decisions. Our strategic development advice spans across all aspects of the development process.

We can interpret Planning Controls and identify site-specific constraints to provide advice on technical information across the key consultant disciplines during site investigations, pre-purchase and throughout the design process prior to Development Application submission. We provide our clients with critical information to determine the optimum development outcomes which affect tenure types, dwelling mix and profit forecasts.


Impact Group uses technical financial modelling software (Estate Master) that is specifically designed for standard or complex developments. The software has a clear and intuitive layout which makes assessing the financial viability of a development quick and simple.

We identify residual land valuations and optimum dwelling mixes to produce competitive sale or rental values. We assess the viability of development proposals, project models and business objectives to establish best value and maximum return on investment.

Our consultancy service includes full development appraisal that can accompany high level Board reports on recommendations and outcomes. This will help you to make the right commercial decision and ensure confidence is instilled in financial institutions when raising private finance.


Impact Group structures joint venture partnerships between Government, Not-For-Profit organisations, Private Sector Developers and Financial Institutions to ensure optimum outcomes for all stakeholders. Our Development Managers have an extensive track record in property acquisition, Grant funding applications and forming strategic partnerships.

We use our extensive network of proponents and experience in delivering projects to bring together an appropriate consortium of organisations to fulfil all roles required in a successful development.