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What our iCIRT Rating means for you

New government grants and growing populations are delivering excellent potential for property development success in regional areas.

Around the country, regional areas are booming as young families continue to exit the city in search of a more flexible and affordable lifestyle.

As reported by OpenAgent recently, results in regional areas vary depending on the location, but some of the fastest growing areas in NSW include Wagga Wagga, Tamworth, Lake Macquarie, Albury to the south and the Upper Hunter to the north of Sydney. These districts are seeing excellent results, with annual growth of around 4 per cent.

The other trend for the regions is sea and treechange retirees. As older Sydneysiders look to downsize and be as cash-positive as possible, relocating to a regional town makes sense.

When non-metropolitan centres grow, infrastructure needs to catch up, in the form of new housing developments, healthcare facilities, schools, transport and recreational hubs. The Government has even announced grants for regional housing strategic planning to motivate city-based organisations to investigate opportunities further afield. However, the process to develop is not without its challenges.


The catch-22 of regional development

A regional project can prove to be profitable if all the moving parts flow well together. This can be difficult in a more remote environment without the help and guidance of an experienced property consultant.

For example, commissioning a new retirement village but working with a large-size contractor provider to complete the build may result in feasibility issues around cost, partly because so many people will be required to travel to work in the region.

Another option is to connect with small and medium sized contractors who are experienced and know the local area, but finding and vetting these companies can be a challenge for anyone who is not familiar with the region.

To make matters more difficult, there is the hurdle of building relationships with the council and community, which isn’t easy when you’re starting from scratch.


Support for your regional projects

There are so many opportunities to build in the regions if you can plan and manage your project well. This is the case for housing developments, education facilities, community hubs and retirement villages, which are forecast to lead the way for development in Australia this year as the country works on resolving the housing crisis.

At Impact Group, our team of seasoned property development managers and project managers have a range of connections and partnerships regionally such as Illawarra, NSW South Coast, Hunter, NSW North Coast, Central West and other regional areas. This gives our clients a clear pathway to success; we can leverage our existing relationships to minimise the roadblocks involved with building in a regional area.

With an ICIRT-rated team and excellent contacts amongst quality regional contractors, our organisation is well positioned to help with the following for regional projects:


  • Business cases
  • Initial feasibility analysis
  • Highest-and-best-use cases
  • Community liaison and engagement
  • Multi-stage value engineering, from initial planning and feasibility to handover
  • Advisory and consulting
  • Project management and Development management


Building in a regional area can be rewarding in terms of profits but also gives your organisation the chance to leave a legacy and be part of Australia’s growth. When you have support from experts, the end-to-end process is less complicated and outcomes improve for all stakeholders.


More about our ICIRT rating, and what it means for you

Impact Group proudly opted to have a comprehensive and independent business review so our clients can trust that we have a proven track record as well as deep regulatory knowledge, financial capacity, capability, reporting systems, commitment to quality assurance, risk management, and outstanding stakeholder engagement.

The certification seeks clear evidence of stable revenues and a strong project pipeline combined with an appropriate company structure that operates with sound governance. Engaging an ICIRT-rated team boosts consumer confidence, transparency and assurance which can positively impact overall project costs and investor returns.

Impact Group is your ICIRT-rated team, leading your property development projects to unparalleled success in the ever-evolving construction landscape.


Reach out now to discuss your regional development with an iCIRT-certified company, Impact Group. Speak with Alyssa Lanning on  1300 630 063 or email her on alyssal@impactgroup.com.au - we are here to help.


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