Land Development

Burradoo Land Subdivision

Impact Group was engaged to manage the Burradoo land subdivision into 7 parcels at 4 hectares each. Commencing at design development, Impact Groups role as the project managers included the management of the design, tender, subdivision certificate, construction and registration phases.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the stakeholder management. In particular, the approvals required from the local Council who were in administration, TfNSW for a major Works Authorisation Deed, and WaterNSW. Lengthy approval timeframes were experienced, leading Impact Group to explore unconventional means to achieve results for the project.

The construction phase not only included substantial land remediation, but also a number of constraints such as working over a live watermain feeding the entirety of the neighbouring town, and the need to re-design the internal carriageway pavement due to a high-water table. With a strong and experienced project team, all issues were overcome and the project was delivered with minimal delays.


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