Builder Partnering Services

Canberra Embassy

Delivering value on an international scale

Myriad Development & Construction Group is a building contractor that was engaged by an overseas government to construct a number of embassy buildings on two sites under heavy time constraints.

In addition to construction, the builder was faced with managing all approvals, consultant co-ordination, documentation, building approvals and occupation certificates. To help navigate the complex task, they contacted Impact Group.

Coordinating the handover

Our client was taking over the project from a previous builder. Minimal work had been completed and time was of the essence. However, before our client could even begin, we needed to determine which of the many drawings were the latest revision and if amendments were required. This part of the process was undertaken immediately and the issue quickly rectified.

International communications posed a huge challenge

One of the major challenges included working across two countries and two languages.

The initial drawings were prepared overseas and had to be translated back into English and further developed by local architects. And because the overseas architects had little understanding of the Australian climate and regulations, the drawings also needed to be checked to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and Planning Controls.

Everything coordinated for success

To overcome complexity, Impact Group held weekly meetings with the builder and consultants, communicated updates to drawings, and resolved each challenge so the builder could confidently move to the next stage of the project.

All design drawings were resolved and the necessary approvals were achieved. This left the builder free to concentrate on achieving great outcomes for their client while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having all the design complete, approved and compliant.