Land Development

Crest Lennox Head

Overcoming Council objections to achieve great outcomes for all

The owner of this residential infill site on the side of a hill wanted to obtain Council approvalto subdivide the land. However, they faced a number of serious obstacles.

Impact Group increased lot numbers from 73 to 116
The client had used another consultant prior to engaging Impact Group. At that time, the land was initially proposed to be subdivided into 73 lots. We were able to increase the number of lots to 116 while improving amenity of the site, including more orderly lots and better connected roads.

Every challenge under the sun
The land had a number of ecological constraints, including the presence of endangered rainforest and freshwater wetland. This required significant consideration regarding appropriate solutions and subsequent negotiations with Council and other State Government departments.

The topography of the site was also quite steep and demanded extensive consultant design analysis on storm water drainage and groundwater management for the sensitive wetlands.

In addition, the local community was concerned that the visual amenity of adjoining properties would be ruined by the development. It was pivotal to success that we allay their concerns and demonstrate this through Council.

Comprehensive understanding delivers results
Because we started the project by conducting significant due diligence work, we were able to use retained knowledge of the site during discussions with Council. We knew the project inside and out and could confidently respond to Council questions during the assessment process. This saved a lot of time and frustration and further assisted the approvals process. Development Approval was obtained and significant uplift to the value of the property was achieved.