Retirement Living & Aged Care

Drummoyne SSDA

Impact Group has been engaged by Scalabrini to manage the preparation and submission of a SSDA on their behalf. Our role covered the preparation and utilisation of the Industry Specific provisions under the act to obtain the relevant scoping letter from the Department and prepare the related reports. Once received we worked diligently with the client to tender and engage the relevant consultants required within a month and begin the design development of the scheme from concept. Via the planning process, in consultation with the department and the client, we pushed the boundaries on the SSDA application to ensure that the finished product aligns with the client’s business model. This was achieved through exploring and fine tuning our application to make it compliant and align with the recent changes to the sector.

The redevelopment of the site will include, the strip out of the existing building back to structure and the refurbishment in ILU’s to suit the market and the client’s business operations. This includes compliance with the DBP Act, which is difficult given the changes over time in construction methodology and practices.

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