Residential Living

Northsea Wollongong

Northsea Wollongong, situated in the CBD and only 250m from the Wollongong waterfront, is a partnership between the Housing Trust and Traders In Purple for the delivery of a mixed tenure 54 apartments. Northsea is one of the first single core mixed developments in the state, integrating social and affordable housing with private residential. Impact Group has been engaged at construction commencement for the role of superintendent, overlooking and managing the contract and construction.

Northsea has presented a number of challenges, such as the remediation of a heavily contaminated site, interruptions to construction progress by the Wollongong UCI world cycling event, major sewer works, and large escalation of costs. With extensive construction knowledge and risk management expertise from Impact Group and the project team, construction continues successfully for an expected delivery date of May 2024.

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