Builder Partnering Services


Wading through complexity towards great outcomes

This project included a 40-lot subdivision and construction of residential apartments and dwellings across two sites. The builder contacted Impact Group in search of more resources to help them with design management in preparing a number of Development Applications for the building and civil works, and to manage lot registration, construction certificates, occupation certificates and so on.

Getting things on the front foot

Because the builder had taken over a job that had been only partly designed, we needed to pull together the latest approved documentation from various Authorities and make sure they achieved the project goals.

Some approvals were underway but had not been followed up properly. We also needed to identify where amendments were required and request further approvals based on those amendments.

Identifying potential risks to the project schedule

One major challenge was the acquisition of a drainage easement through Council-owned land.

The site was home to a large number of protected trees and vegetation and there were concerns that the community and local action groups might slow the project down or reject certain parts of the design altogether.

Overcoming community concerns through action

With the anticipation of community concerns regarding the easement through protected vegetation, proactivity was a must. Impact Group engaged a specialist engineer and ecologist to help manage the design of the easement to Council’s satisfaction. In this way, we also navigated any potential issues with the community.

The builder was able to move the project full-steam ahead, knowing that the design was completed and all approvals had been obtained.