Waverley College

Impact Group has worked with Waverley College on a number of projects, from Junior School Fencing, remediating Concrete Cancer and replacing External Cladding following identification of a building on their campus clad with combustible material.

The replacement panels now installed are the same colour, texture, finish and appearance as the previous non-compliant external cladding.

The Junior School required new secure fencing to complement the local street setting whilst providing functional boundary with ease of access and directional signage. The Centenary Building in the Senior School located required repair to the reinforced concrete frame. This work included repair of delaminated concrete and oxidised reinforcement bar. This required balancing the requirements of the Principal, with the procurement of a qualified contractor to carry out the work as well as ensuring a successful application to Council for a heritage exemption for the works.

All of these works required Impact’s careful identification and planning of the methodologies to minimise disruption to the operation of the school during the works.

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