Niche Advisory

Western Sydney Funding Application

Our client, Wentworth Community Housing, was invited to submit a tender to acquire a Government-owned site. The proposed outcome was to deliver additional affordable housing in western Sydney. The client engaged Impact Group to complete full due diligence on the site and prepare the tender submission. We reviewed the relevant Planning Controls and instructed an architect to prepare a Concept Plan based on our findings. The local Council had an existing draft LEP in place and we advised the client on the calculated risk of assessing the proposed yield based on the draft LEP.

We also engaged a Quantity Surveyor and Valuer to contribute to our financial modelling. Our feasibility proposed a staged development of 49 apartments that would allow the client to comfortably cashflow the project. Based on our feasibility, and subsequent submission, the client was successful in acquiring the site and receiving a significant Government grant to contribute to the project.