Helping you across the entire project lifecycle.

To gain the most value and the best outcomes from any property development means you need to tap into the best source of advice and expertise possible. With Impact Group as your dedicated partner, you can look forward to a raft of best-in-class services including:

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Development Management

Your success is our success.

When it comes to development management, you need a company with a commitment to achieving your vision.

Close collaboration between all stakeholders is pivotal to ensuring expectations are met, as are reliable risk management and a deep understanding of your industry, procurement types and methodologies, design management and financial modelling.

We offer efficient planning and navigation through authority approvals that will see your project successfully progress through every stage.

We also offer a steady hand at the financial helm, including expert financial guidance regarding joint ventures, funding grants, debt facilities and risk sharing.

We’re here to mobilise value using a strong understanding of financial indicators and benchmarks, debt and equity funding, accurate forecasting and cost management. With us, you can expect to know what your cost position or cost exposure is at any time of the project.

We ensure that your money is spent well and wisely, and offer benchmark data to ensure any advice is based on the latest costing. You will also benefit from our strong relationships with financiers and our advanced expertise in financial modelling.

Project Management

Expertise + understanding = great outcomes.

Effective project management is about achieving stakeholder expectations, and meeting all time, cost and quality targets. It also demands exceptional construction knowledge, stakeholder management and reporting capabilities.

Impact Group offers all this and more, including expert project planning and scheduling, design management, cost management, tender management and contractor engagement. Our project managers are hand-picked for their integrity and excellent communication skills to ensure you get the best outcome as quickly and effectively as possible while maintaining high quality standards.


A watchful eye means fewer variations and utmost quality.

When it comes to contract administration, construction superintendence and quality management, Impact Group has you covered.

We understand the importance of attention to detail, programming and ensuring builders’ best practice. You can also look forward to working with a dedicated partner with a commitment to managing risk and resolving on-site issues.

Auditing of environmental management and WHS are also key surveillance criteria, as are seeking out ways to save time and improve outcomes.

Lenders Agent

Giving lenders greater peace of mind.

Risk management, cost control and program-delay mitigation are the keys to ensuring financiers aren't left out of pocket. And with the introduction of the 2020 Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill which transfers greater commercial risk to developers and builders, financiers are understandably more determined than ever to ensure every construction project stays on track. An independent lenders agent is a critical player when it comes to ensuring this happens.

We're here to look after your construction funding at every stage – from ensuring initial building contracts are sound, to managing progress claims, and identifying progress risks (including scheduling strata and stratum registration), compliance issues and potential cost blow-outs.

After successfully managing more than 1000 sites to completion, Impact Group knows what it takes to ensure your investment is in safe hands.

Click Here for our Lenders Agent Capability Statement.

Builder Partnering

We're here to make your life easier.

Gone are the days when architects and engineers would fully document a project and hand it over to a builder in one, neat package. Today, builders are increasingly given only part of the design and left to fill in the gaps themselves under a Design Development and Construct (DD&C) contract.

It can be a nightmare juggle of design management, administration, approvals and negotiations. That's where Impact Group can help.

We partner with builders to oversee and complete the design, obtain Authority approvals (including Council), identify cost-savings through alternative designs or materials, coordinate services, and ensure compliance. We're with you every step of the way, so you're free to do what you do best: build.

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Advisory and Consulting

Great advice, exactly when you need it.

To ensure you receive the best advice for your project, you require access to a diverse skillset and a depth of expertise across the entire project lifecycle.

Impact Group offers decades of experience in development management and project management, allowing us to provide a dedicated advisory and consulting service which encompasses all elements of property development, from inception to completion.