Dedicated people delivering project excellence.

Our consultants are carefully selected for their expertise, integrity and dedication to client satisfaction. With us, you can look forward to the support of highly skilled and intelligent people working as a tight-knit team for your benefit. Ultimately, it is our broad base of advanced expertise across construction and design that will mobilise more value from all stages of your project.


Managing Director
  • Respected leader, strategist and communicator.
  • More than 30 years’ experience.
  • Steered hundreds of multi-million-dollar projects to enormous success.

As Managing Director of Impact Group, Wayne Golledge utilises his consummate leadership and strategic skills to spearhead the business to ever greater success. With Wayne at the helm, the company has grown exponentially over recent years. In large part, this growth is a result of his professionalism and commitment to nurturing a cohesive team that delivers on its promises.

Wayne offers 30+ years’ experience in the industry – a career he began as a labourer whilst still in high school and, ultimately, as Managing Director of Impact Group since its inception in 1999.

He cares about his clients’ businesses as much as they do, manages their budgets like they were his own, and consistently strives to align their businesses with the best-fit project manager.

He believes that great communication – both in-house and external – is the key to ensuring every project runs smoothly.

Wayne brings to his role a deep sense of empathy for client needs and priorities as well as exceptional commercial, operational and financial awareness.

He also understands that great people are the backbone of an organisation. With them at his side, successful projects are delivered time and time again.


Associate Director
  • Strong reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • One of the most experienced leaders in our industry.
  • Always ensures business cases are supportable by property outcomes.

Strong business relationships are built on integrity, honesty and, just as importantly, the ability to have difficult conversations. Steven Bird was recently engaged to work on a project where he had to do just that. When he was first approached, Steven discovered the client had been told the design documentation was only weeks away from being ready for submission to Council. A review showed this was not the case and that a complete redesign was needed.

Unfortunately, the client had also been led to believe the project would cost half what it really required. It was Steven’s task to break the bad news and offer a way forward. To the client’s great delight, he was able to successfully guide them towards their vision despite the early setbacks.

Steven is unquestionably one of the most experienced people in our industry. He understands what his clients are trying to achieve, their operational requirements, and the specific needs of users and residents.

Steven strives to ensure that, right from the very beginning of a project, a business case is supportable by property outcomes, including functionality and any specialised features.


Chief Financial Officer

Mark Crawford is the Group's Chief Financial Officer. He has over 25 years' experience as a professional Accountant, of which 15 years has been in the property consultancy industry.

Mark's industry-specific experience as a CFO allows him to effectively utilise his skills at Impact Group.


Senior Project Manager
  • Known amongst his peers and clients as a truly motivational leader.
  • Strong structural engineering background.
  • Exceptionally careful planner and risk manager.

Nobody enjoys a seemingly impossible challenge more than Chris Georghiou. For example, he was asked to take over the management of a multi-million-dollar project for which a tender had been submitted three years before commencement. Despite the passing of years, the client wanted to adhere to the original budget. Upon stepping into the project management role, Chris also found they were months behind deadline, that shop drawings didn’t match what was happening on site, and there was considerable workforce confusion. Chris was determined to bring the project under control. By going above and beyond what was required of him, Chris achieved exceptional finishes and results – and high praise from a delighted client.

A motivational leader, Chris offers decades of experience and exceptional technical skills including a strong structural engineering background. His clients particularly value his communication and organisation skills.

Chris is extremely adaptable, capable of juggling multiple tasks, and particularly skilled at guiding stakeholders through what is often a complex and challenging process.

He invests in careful planning and risk management. He is also adept at nurturing and managing relationships, particularly with contractors, where he draws on his experience to build respect and rapport. His ability to negate variation claims, identify savings and complete projects on time is second to none.


Project Manager
  • Capable of resolving even the most difficult issues.
  • Combines a trade with a degree in Construction Management.
  • Your bridge between on-site and commercial imperatives.

Every time something gets pushed back in the construction process or a milestone is missed, the pressure is felt elsewhere. That’s where someone like Gavin Evans can make all the difference to your project’s success.

Gavin knows how to identify and resolve on-site issues or delays to the construction sequence, without fuss and in his inimitable, no-nonsense way. Straightforward, fair, honest and reliable, Gavin is passionate about delivering exceptional quality, compliance and great finishes on all his projects.

Gavin was a tradesman for 10 years before completing a degree in Construction Management and transitioning into project management. He combines grassroots construction knowledge, a strong understanding of your sector and high-level commercial acumen.

His ability to communicate with all stakeholders, builders and trades across both the construction and design phases of a project is outstanding. Gavin is your bridge between on-site and commercial imperatives.


Project Manager

Nathaniel completed his degree in Bachelor of Construction Management and Property at the University of New South Wales and has since established good relationships within the public and private sectors. In assisting the team, Nathaniel has gained experience from working on a diverse range of projects for Local Councils and various Government Agencies.

Some of the recent projects he has been involved include Construction and Bitumen Sealing for Blacktown Council; Correctional Facility Expansion, Architectural Master Planning and New Children’s Court Surry Hills for the Department of Justice; and Pyrmont Fire Station for Fire and Rescue NSW.


Project Manager

Andrew has experience across both the residential property sector as well as Federal Government public works. Having worked in property development in South-East Queensland for a number of years, Andrew has experience across all areas of the project lifecycle. His experience in the property industry includes feasibility studies, Authority Approvals, design development, consultant co-ordination and contractor management.

More recently he has gained exposure within the New South Wales public sector and has developed a strong working knowledge of the processes involved with public departments and agencies. Having achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Andrew remains passionate about design and achieving efficient and considered design outcomes. Andrew has combined his design knowledge with construction and development experience to ensure he is well positioned to service the needs of the client and deliver successful project outcomes.


Project Manager

Gary has gained experience in the aged care, residential and fitout sectors during his career in the construction industry. His experience has included Estimation, Contracts Administration and Project Management roles. Gary’s skill lies in his ability to concurrently manage and deliver a number of projects from the estimation/design stage through to the delivery of the final product.

Gary is committed to achieving project goals to high quality standards by using strong project management skills including keeping a strong focus on project cost, quality control and client relations. He is able to draw upon his varied experience to add value throughout the project’s lifecycle and resolve challenges to enhance the outcomes achieved on the project.


Assistant Project Manager

Darren’s previous experience in Local Government has allowed him to gain a strong understanding of how different stakeholders operate and achieve outcomes. Darren is currently studying Construction Management & Property at the University of New South Wales and is in his 4th year of undergraduate study whilst working full-time.

His exposure to commercial, sports, recreational and specialised construction projects has provided a wide platform of knowledge and a strong foundation for which to expand his skill base.

Darren’s strongest skills are stakeholder management, communication and WHS to provide the optimal project delivery for the client’s needs.


Associate Director
  • Renowned for his experience across all sectors.
  • Worked his way up through the company to become an integral part of senior management team.
  • Known for being able to overcome all obstacles.

For projects that need to be taken from insurmountable challenge to success story, no one achieves better results than Gerard Sleiman. This is demonstrated clearly in a recent, large project on which he managed to achieve approval of an extra floor beyond the height restrictions. He was able to justify the additional floor to Council and exceed a delighted client’s expectations.

Gerard works extremely well across all sectors. His most compelling strengths are his technical ability, patience, communication skills, capacity to understand stakeholder requirements, and determination to ensure projects blend seamlessly into the wider community.

He understands you are not just building projects that people can afford to buy or lease. You, your tenant or your buyer also need to be able to cover ongoing services and maintenance costs.

For this reason, Gerard ensures that all projects are exceptionally well-designed.

Gerard offers you an unwavering focus on Time, Cost and Quality.

His other strengths are risk mitigation, planning, forecasting and budgeting. No matter how big or small the job, Gerard consistently employs a positive, motivated attitude, and a determination to deliver successful outcomes for his clients.


Project Director
  • Never lets obstacles get in the way of success.
  • More than 30 years’ experience, including qualifications as a quantity surveyor.
  • An exceptional leader and communicator.

Greg Hastie never says ‘never’ and will do whatever it takes to make a project work. One of his proudest recent achievements includes being handed a project with a limited budget and a 10-month completion deadline. Everyone said it could not be done. As it was an adaptive re-use of a heritage building, no one knew what was even behind the walls. In addition, there was no guarantee the Development Application (DA) could be achieved in time.

Greg’s solution was to establish a strong relationship with Council and put in three different DAs so the works could be completed in stages. As a result of his exceptional leadership, the project was a huge success.

Greg exercises calm, confidence and clarity at every stage of a project. He boasts more than 30 years in the construction industry and is an experienced project manager who also has qualifications as a quantity surveyor. This has given him a deep understanding of the different perspectives and drivers of all people involved in a project, from the building site to the boardroom. He also has a very strong commercial sense and offers exceptional value management and cost saving advice.

Central to Greg’s success is great communication, complete transparency, accountability, and the ability to engage all stakeholders. His can-do attitude inspires everyone around him.

Regardless of how many roadblocks Greg encounters, he always finds a way overcome them.


Senior Project Manager
  • Has built a strong reputation for ensuring success in live environments.
  • Exceptional commercial acumen.
  • First-hand understanding of design as it applies to the real world.

If you need someone with the ability to deliver multi-million-dollar projects on time and on budget, Sam Sirdah can help. He is equally at ease ensuring success in a live environment while meeting shutdown and notification dates or bringing a new construction project home on deadline.

Sam joined Impact Group straight after topping the class in his Diploma course at TAFE. He then worked his way up through the ranks, and now has responsibility for some of the largest projects in the company’s portfolio.

He is known for his extraordinary commercial acumen, construction knowledge, technical ability, fast and efficient project delivery, confidence and no-nonsense attitude. With Sam on your team, you can be sure of hitting all project milestones and completion dates.

As a former carpenter and formworker, Sam offers a first-hand understanding of the real-world application of design and can confidently assess where problems might arise.

Sam constantly drives projects forward, never loses sight of the end goal, and is passionate about setting high standards.


Senior Project Manager
  • A proven ability to collaborate extremely well with stakeholders.
  • Decades of experience in the industry.
  • Navigates client, stakeholder and Council requirements with ease.

Rowan’s passion for his building projects is unwavering. Two of his proudest achievements include a project on which he worked in the UK which utilised hydraulic models to mitigate the flood risk of a property on the Thames. After many months, he and his team finally managed to have the Development Application approved in the environment court and the project was completed. Years later, when massive flooding affected the Thames, drone footage showed that the entire area had flooded apart from the site he and his team designed not to flood.

In addition, about three years ago, a multi-million-dollar project was approximately 85% complete when the builder went into liquidation. Rowan stepped into the breach to urgently work out how to keep the project moving forward, including procuring another builder and dealing with the original trades, some of whom had been left unpaid by the previous contractor. Rowan was able to overcome all challenges and the project achieved an exceptional result.

Rowan offers his clients outstanding communication and problemsolving skills, a sense of calm, and almost complete unflappability.

His openness and affability allow him to collaborate extremely well with all stakeholders.


Project Manager

Prior to Impact Group Henry worked in Construction Project Management and Development Management within the residential property industry. Henry’s skills lie in various aspects of projects including feasibility studies, initiation and delivery. Henry has a First Class Honours Degree from Australian National University and a Masters in Property Development from University of Technology Sydney.

With a broad design and construction knowledge Henry has a passion for being part of the management cycle as developments evolve from concept to completion.


Project Manager

Throughout Josh’s career he has enjoyed exposure in working for a building contractor, a developer/operator and as client-side project management and this has allowed him to gain experience understanding how these different stakeholders operate and think.

Josh graduated from University of New South Wales with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and Property and is currently completing his Masters in Property at University of Newcastle.

His exposure to residential, industrial, commercial and sports and recreation construction projects has provided a wide platform of knowledge and a strong base for which to further expand his knowledge. Josh’s skills are strongest in stakeholder management and communication to provide the optimal project delivery for the client’s needs.


Project Manager

Shu has experience in the Australian and international market. She previously studied in Europe and worked in the United Kingdom and China. She has over 7 years’ experience in project management, development management and business development within the property and construction industry. Shu has two building engineering degrees and strong work experience in development management and project management.

Shu has good knowledge of the life cycle of the development projects through feasibility study, concept design, engineering, design development, tender procurement and construction. Shu has also got practice and passion for sustainable design, renewable energy and off-site construction.


Project Manager

Bourne has dedicated, result-driven, professional and hands-on experience in the construction industry. He graduated from University of Adelaide with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Bourne has broad knowledge of building industry contracts and sound construction administration practices.

Throughout his career, Bourne has engaged and successfully delivered in the construction project lifecycle management for the residential and commercial construction projects ranging from $5m to over $40m. He possesses the demonstrated ability to deliver project results within specified time frames to the highest standard and quality.