What’s in store for 2024!

Our iCIRT rating value

Welcome to 2024!

At Impact Group, we are looking forward to a big year and multiple major projects.

We are specialists in project management, development management, advice and delivery, driving exceptional project outcomes by applying advanced, hands-on expertise. In these economically challenging times, we find ways to mobilise value at every stage of your project.

Here’s an overview of what we are looking forward to helping our clients with this year, plus an update on a major achievement for our team at the end of 2023:


Advisory & consulting

It’s no secret; experts achieve the best results.

Our consultants bring a diverse skillset and a depth of expertise across the entire project lifecycle. Decades of experience in project management and development management allow us to provide consulting and advisory that encompasses all elements of property development and the built environment.

One sector where we have been particularly busy of late is residential projects, including private developments as well as social and affordable housing projects. Thanks to the NSW Government’s housing relief strategies, we are working with clients who are taking advantage of grants for critical housing and affordable housing development initiatives such as the Housing SEPP, which facilitates the development of affordable and diverse dwellings.


Development management

Property development success comes from close collaboration between all stakeholders, reliable risk management and a deep understanding of industry niche, procurement types and methodologies, design management and financial modelling.

We offer efficient planning and navigation through authority approvals that will see your project progress smoothly through every stage.

You can also talk to us about unearthing opportunities through joint ventures, funding grants, debt facilities and risk sharing.


Project management

Effective project management is about achieving stakeholder expectations while meeting time, cost and quality targets. To achieve this, your project needs the support of an expert who has exceptional construction knowledge as well as expert project planning and scheduling abilities.

Impact Group’s project managers are hand-picked for their integrity and excellent communication skills.



Our superintendents understand the importance of attention-to-detail, programming, and ensuring builders’ best practices so that on-site issues can be quickly resolved.


Lender’s agent

We're here to look after your construction funding at every stage – from ensuring initial building contracts are sound, to managing progress claims and identifying progress risks (including scheduling strata and stratum registration), compliance issues and potential cost blow-outs.


Builder partnering

We partner with builders to oversee and complete designs, obtain Authority approvals (including Council), and engineer value by recommending alternative designs or materials. We're with you every step of the way; coordinating services and helping to ensure compliance so builders are free to focus on construction work.

Work with an industry-leading property development and project management consultant

Our expertise shows in the projects we deliver and we are proud to share that Impact Group is now verified with an iCIRT rating.

Building professionals can request an iCIRT star rating by undergoing an independent and rigorous review process. Only businesses that receive a 3 gold-star rating or higher appear on the registry and consumers can search this list to find trustworthy builders, developers and consultancy professionals.

Thousands of public and private data points have been pulled together to confirm Impact Group’s trustworthiness. Data is assessed, scored and weighted across six eligibility criteria - Capability, Conduct, Character, Capacity, Capital and Counterparties.

What does this mean for your project?

Firstly, you’re choosing a business that is recognised by Government as standing out in terms of:

  • Quality service and delivery
  • Systems and processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Expertise
  • Compliance and risk analysis

Impact Group is Project Management and Development Management certified for any built environment, including residential development, retirement living, health, education, aged care and hospitality.

Want to deliver a successful new build in 2024?

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to introduce industry-specific development management and project management services in the early stage of an application and back them up with the support of specialists who have an in-depth understanding of each phase of the property development process.

Impact Group guides property development projects to successful outcomes by offering:

  • Tailored support across each phase of the lifecycle
  • Superior risk mitigation
  • An industry-leading ability to add value at each stage
  • A team with a cross-section of decades-long industry experience
  • A commitment to safety
  • A focus on finance

Enlist the services of an iCIRT-certified property project management team today. Contact Impact Group and speak with Alyssa Lanning on  1300 630 063 or email her on alyssal@impactgroup.com.au - we are here to help.


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